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Jumeirah Village - District 12 K,
Dubai - United Arab Emirates


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Welcome to Panther Cafe

Discover a World of Tantalizing Tastes

Panther Cafe isn't just a coffee shop; it's an experience. Our cafe is a tribute to the dynamic spirit of Dubai, blending traditional flavours with a modern twist, just like the city itself.

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Taste the Best at Panther Cafe
Indulge in our exquisite menu, where every dish is a masterpiece. Panther Cafe: uniting coffee lovers and foodies in a symphony of flavours.
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From Our Menu

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Panther Cafe English Breakfast
AED 52
English Breakfast
Crispy Bacon + Sausages + Baked Beans + Hash Brown + Grilled Tomato + Mushroom + Fried Egg + Toast Bread + Orange Juice
Panther Cafe Salad
AED 38
Caesar Salad (Prawns)
Lettuce Caesar Dressing + Croutons + Choice of Meat
Panther Cafe Pizza
AED 42
Margarita Pizza
Citrus, wild rocket condiment
Panther Cafe Pasta
AED 42
Penne Arrabbiata
Tomato Sauce + Penne Pasta + Parmesan Cheese + Seasoning
Panther Cafe Sandwich
AED 52
Smoked Salmon Sandwich
Cream Cheese + Dill Spread + Smoked Salmon + Lettuce
Panther Cafe Burger
AED 40
Chicken Burger
Chicken Patties with Chef's Special Dressing + Lettuce + Tomato
Classic Perisian Breakfast
AED 55
Classic Persian Breakfast
Persian Omelette + White Cheese + Butter +Jam + Cream Walnut +Honey + Bread
Panther Cafe Mojjito
AED 29
Ocean Breeze Mojito

Ramadan Timings: 8:00 am to 1:00 am

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Panther Cafe

Jumeirah Village - District 12 K,
Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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